BAR ANIMAL – The Serial

[As the credits roll, in the dark we see the distant lights of a train rolling out of the alps.The location is Milano Centrale, the main terminal train station in Milano, Italy. It's dawn. The station lights are twinkling as the natural light of a new day begins. The first train arrives and Bar Animal #1 steps off, walks down the platform and pauses with all of the parked trains in the background.]


Well, we’re here, Milano Centrale. It’s a terminal, a terminal train station, but the only thing that terminates here is the train. It’s really the beginning of a new day and our story. It’s all about the connections, not the ending.

[Bar Animal #1 walks a little further, stops to buy a paper and then just watches the people for a few minutes.]


Who are all these people? They’re like animals – looking for food, drink, an old friend, a new friend, a place to sleep and perhaps, even a mate. They’re curious, they want to be entertained and they want to survive!

[The camera pans the station and focuses on a variety of people - men and women,  attractive and ugly, old and young. Bar Animal #1 continues his walk down the escalator and out into the street. The street is bustling with people, motorcycles, autos and buses. He heads for his favorite local cafe for his first cappuccino of the morning, standing up.]


The Premise

We operate under the premise that people are nuts and love is a funny, quirky, messy, wonderful thing. Therefore, we have created a place where guys – who are slower than peanut butter – and women – who have to put up with enough already and now need more than the average Joe – can form deep connections, both real and imagined, in the ultimate game that is romance and fall violently in agreement with each other.